About Us

About Naif Maarouf

Dr. Marrouf is a founding member and the director of Economics by Mona . At his previous workplaces, which included numerous privte companies, his tasks focused mainly on economic performance evaluation and monitoring, providing policy and on designing economic reform programs. Maarouf is a former researcher at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He specialises in the sociology of contentious politics in contemporary Lebanon. Maarouf holds a PH.D. in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Our vision

Our country is consumed by social issues such as unemployment, poor education and a high cost of living. Here, at “Economics by Mona”, we have chosen to act towards helping the Lebanese community. Our objective is to help people in our community manage their finances and make an honest living in order to escape poverty.


“The aim of “Economics by Mona” is to assist the Lebanese people in bettering their understanding of economics in their regions, in proper management of their expenses and in ways to find employment. ”

— Naif Maarouf


Our Activities:

  • Publishing labor and employment fairs.
  • Updates on local economy.
  • Publishing employment advice and seminars.
  • Economics advice articles.
  • Economics advice lectures.


About us:

Naif Maarouf immigrated from Beirut to London in 1990 in order to study Economics. Despite the distance from his home country, he never forgot the great poverty at home. As a result, he decided to act for his people and to establish “Economics by Mona”.

Despite the Lebanese people’s best efforts, who are fighting for their livelihood and work for their maintenance, they are still in deep poverty. Our organization is fighting to change the current situation and to support the Lebanese struggle.


The Team

  • Naif Maarouf – CEO
  • Faris Isameil – VEO
  • Wafaa Fatoh – Tresures